Construction Steps Eliminated with ThermaSAVE

Construction Steps Eliminated with ThermaSAVE

Construction Steps Eliminated with ThermaSAVE

Customer can be assured that the ThermaSAVE Building System is STRUCTURAL and has been PRE-ENGINEERED by the fact that the system has passed extensive testing and has been approved by the International Code Council (ICC Report 2406).  The ICC Report contains all approved information for design.

ThermaSAVE  has completed STRUCTURAL and FIRE TESTING on cement board as the exterior and the interior, this eliminates the need for sheet rock as a fire barrier.  ThermaSAVE has also completed and passed EARTHQUAKE TEST.

ThermaSAVE INSTALLS THE INSULATION in manufacturing, thus eliminating the need for on site installation.

ThermaSAVE INSTALLS THE EXTERIOR material of cement board, which eliminates on site installation. Since the exterior sheet material is applied to the expanded polystyrene core, this eliminates one sheet of material and also eliminates the need to attach an exterior material on site, again saving time and money.  If customer desires brick, stone or other materials, these would be installed on the construction site.

With cement board as the INTERIOR material, it is ready for customers desired application.

IF customers desire, PANEL PRE-CUTS can be made in the manufacturing process eliminating the need for cuts on site, saving time in construction.

ThermaSAVE continues research in order to offer added and better ways to eliminate more steps in construction for the customer