ThermaSAVE Advantages


The ThermaSAVE system has passed hundreds of very stringent required testing to obtain the ICBO and ICC certification (ICC Report #2406). The results of the tests were used to produce span charts for the panels. The testing proved without doubt that the panels will perform as claimed. The panels have a safety factor of 3 which means the panels will meet 3 times the design load amounts listed in the span charts.


The warranty on the Cement Board is 25 and 50 years depending on the manufacturer.


The foam core is harmless, does not produce gas and doesn’t decay.

The adhesive is shipped in a fiber drum, assuring safety. In testing, it had to pass 100 year aging test and an 80 year freeze-thaw cycle. Chemicals will not cause it to dissolve.

All component products used to manufacture the ThermaSAVE Structural Insulated Building Panels have to be ICC approved  with an ICC Report Number. No panel is produced without quality control which is overseen by an ICC approved quality control company which makes periodic inspections without notice.

Withstand Excessive Winds

Standard installed panels will withstand over 110mph winds and are easily upgraded to withstand 200mph winds.

Fire Retardant

ThermaSAVE uses expanded polystyrene foam; as the solid core for the panel, thus no air for fire.  It is fire retardant with a flash point between 600 and 650 degrees Fahrenheit as opposed to Douglas Fir which has a flash point of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


Earthquakes have little or no effect on ThermaSAVE panels unless the foundation is affected and or ground opens.  Naturally the resulting effect depends on the strength of the earthquake. ThermaSAVE cement board panels have passed earthquake testing which surpassed Richter scale measurements into G forces.

Environmentally Safe

Fiberglass insulation, by law, has a cancer warning on every roll.  ThermaSAVE uses expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), which does not affect the ozone.  It does not lose its insulation value over the years as fiberglass and other foams do, and it is not affected by water.


The ThermaSAVE system using cement board panels are resistant to moisture thus eliminates high risk of mold, mildew, decay and insects. This helps solve health problems for some people. The manufacturer of the cement board used in ThermaSAVE panels is primed at the factory which makes it resistant to moisture.

Indoor Air Quality

Over the years, there have been extensive studies and testing regarding indoor air quality.  According to scientists and other experts, people are suffering and/or dying from respiratory problems.  In standard construction, wood has formaldehyde and with moisture, mildew and mold grows. With the cement board panels, sheetrock is unnecessary eliminating a favorite food for mold and mildew.  The cement board is primed at the factory thus it is moisture and mold resistant.  Plastic 2 bys can be used which eliminates the wood and the formaldehyde.  Most homes are not properly ventilated.  ThermaSAVE buildings are tight, with an air to air exchanger; it has superior indoor air quality.


ThermaSAVE panels are sound retardant.  Low Noise Transmission.  ThermaSAVE panels are resistant to sound transmission and are excellent for use in apartment buildings and offices.  Panels can also be used for interior party walls and floors in multiple dwellings.

SAVINGS Enjoyed by ThermaSAVE Building Owners


Please see the study published in Builders Magazine, May 1989 issue (entitled “Construction Workshop” regarding savings on panel homes compared to stick built construction.  The utility suppliers in most locations will give an energy rebate to savvy home/business owners (sometimes as high as $3500!) who invest in strong, well-insulated buildings.

 Product Cost

Panels are manufactured with exterior and interior skins desired by the customer.  With ThermaSAVE cement board panels, a protective covering on the exterior is unnecessary.  Also, the panels have a fire rating eliminating the need for sheet rock on the interior. With eliminating the material cost of insulation, sheetrock, and another exterior material plus the installation of these saves time and labor costs. It is imperative that all panel seams be securely sealed.

The cutting of roof angles, doors, windows, gables and corners in the plant make the panel system cost competitive.  This also decreases the on-site labor costs.

 High R Factor

ThermaSAVE can produce any thickness of insulated panel to achieve the desired “R” rating.  It is recommended that the thickness conform to the standard size and dimension of plate lumber to make assembly easier for doors and windows, thus reducing overall costs. ThermaSAVE systems substantially reduce the utility costs of heating and cooling.

Heating & Cooling Units

In an average 1500 SF home, you would normally use a 3-4 ton unit.  In the ThermaSAVE panel home, you could use 1.5-2 ton unit, saving approximately 50% in the purchase of a heating/cooling unit.


Many Insurance companies will offer savings incentives to their clients to have homes that will withstand the natural disasters in their geographic location.  Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes, and Wildfires, while dangerous, are less threatening to ThermaSAVE buildings.


Design Friendly

ThermaSAVE panels can be used with almost any design. When finished, the structure does not appear any different than conventional construction.  ThermaSAVE can make panels with almost any combination of length and strength and can be built to any plan.  ThermaSAVE is a complete pre- engineered building system.  ThermaSAVE panels permit longer floor, wall and roof spans, reducing the number of interior support beams, post or walls required.  ThermaSAVE roof panels are excellent for cathedral ceilings.  In many cases, due to the long span capability of the panels, a ridge beam is all that is required!

Interior/Exterior Options

Exterior skins with different finish can be applied to the panels in the factory.  Our most popular application is Fiber Cement Board which can be smooth, wood grain, and stucco.  Other exterior materials such as T1-11, metals, aggregates, stone/brick, etc…can be added to Fiber Cement Board or Oriented Strand Board panels for esthetics.

Electrical Systems

Electrical Chases are precut into the foam core of the panel prior to assembly.  Chases face the interior skin and are positioned according to design and code.  A variety of electrical options are available with ThermaSAVE panel construction.

Building Site

Panels are manufactured with exterior and interior skins as specified by clients.  If customer desires, all cuts of roof angles, doors, windows, gables, and corners are completed in our factories, making construction on site more time and labor effective.

Easy Assembly

An experienced ThermaSAVE representative can be sent to the job site to instruct in the assembly and erection of panels.  In all cases, detailed assembly instructions are included.

 Shell Erection Time

The exterior shell erection time on an average, simply designed 1500 SF home would take approximately 3-to-5 days with 3-to-4 men on an existing foundation or slab.

Labor Savings

ThermaSAVE panels are quick and easy to assemble, saving in Labor Construction Cost.  Skilled help is unnecessary (although it is better to have at least one experienced in construction).  This makes the panels an excellent choice for the do it yourself builder.  Panel sizes are not limited to 4’ X 8’.  ThermaSAVE has produced panels as large as   4’ X 30’.  When the building is finished, it appearss no different than conventional construction, it is, however, superior in safety, strength, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency.