Philippines Trip

Philippines Trip

Mr. H. H. (Hoot) Haddock and his wife Ann have returned from the Philippines, where a ThermaSAVE Panel home was erected, which was a 2 story structure built for 2 families. The ThermaSAVE panels were manufactured in our Alabama plant location.

The home was erected by individuals who have never seen our building, consisting of a Utah Boy Scout Troop and some of their fathers, local church volunteers and also our Philippine associates, Mr. Doria and Mr. Staples who are with the IIHHELP organization. Mr. Haddock was on the job site to instruct the building of the home which was completed in 2 days.

ThermaSAVE hopes to continue with the disaster housing project for the people of the Philippines resulting from the typhoon, Yolanda.  ThermaSAVE is planning with other associates to locate a ThermaSAVE manufacturing plant in the Philippines which will reduce shipping costs plus the manufacturing of panels there will supply jobs and create housing for the people.

Mr. Haddock and associates met with the Philippine Authorities while there and  presented his extensive testing for ThermaSAVE Building System.

The picture below is of one of the families who received the ThermaSAVE Home which was built. We hope to be able to build more and be of help to the people there.

As you can see, the storm resulted in great damage and destruction to many homes.

Cinco Family